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About Us

Who We Are

Mirroar is one of the leading talent acquisition solutions company.We were founded on the principle that technology empowers businesses.Mirroar believe in usage of accurate technology to complete task at the given time.We aim to provide greatest results.We help solve your most demanding business challenges with data.

What We Do

Technologies are changing rapidly and we help our customers to fulfill their needs as per market demands.Our expertise are in cloud-based services, BI tools, ServiceNow, Salesforce, AWS, AEM, Blockchain,and data solutions. Through our massive experience in implementation of cloud-based solutions we offer the latest technology that is highly in demand.

Why Choose Us

Mirroar always tries their best to place right people for the right job while effectively managing cost, quality and minimizing risk.We provides a full line of professional services who meet the advanced and unique functions for each corporation.

Our Services


Our experienced mobility team members have strong enterprise backgrounds.They help define and develop your mobile strategy, right application for your business, successful implementations platform and provide best recommendations.


One on one interaction, exchange of knowledge and quick feedback to pass on the information making it extremely effective with availability on the required timings.


Mirroar assures clients with the best talents, placing the highly capable candidate in extensive range of manufacturing and engineering positions.


Providing top talents over a long period of time, we develop and design solutions as per the clients’ unique requirements.

Cloud computing

If you’re a small business or a large enterprise, there’s always a cloud configuration that fulfills your requirements. Our expertise comes up with the best solution, implement it and helps you make most of it.

Sales and marketing

Mirroar plays a very positive role in providing with diverse top talents in sales and marketing according to the clients’ desire.

Supply chain

Mirroar is a professional when it comes to identify and onboard top industrial talent on all level of leadership


Taking business from it’s current position to where it’s needed to be. With certified experts, WhiteTech helps your business to create your personally complete customized strategy.



Mirroar's Consulting Services can help you make your business critical applications ready for the cloud.We can assist you to develop and execute a cloud migration strategy that optimizes your applications for the cloud platform. Our experience will help you seamlessly migrate any part of your applications, computing and storage operations to the cloud.We helps you to choose perfect and optimized cloud from Public, Private and Hybrid asper your need.


Our qualified blockchain developers make your corporation traceable and transparent, creating and running regionalized application.We have developed a blockchain agnostic application and privacy framework that sits on top of any underlying blockchain platform to improve development efficiency, add workflow functionality and future-proof solutions to work with the best available technology.


Mirroar understands your needs to make your business a success.Salesforce is the world's leading CRM software and enterprise cloud ecosystem.The Salesforce Customer Success Platform is aimed at aiding businesses to grow into a more streamlined, effective and efficient organisation across sales, service and marketing.


ServiceNow is a powerful, forms based workflow platform that is also easy to use.Mirroar helps you transform by providing full dedicated servicenow consultancy.We provides step by step guidance throughout as done in the past with several other projects.

Adobe Experience Manager

We have deep expertise in AMC suite of services and provide end-to-end technology solutions for AEM.Our experienced Adobe certified team has an extensive experience of full-scale AEM consulting and development.We can also help you upgrade your AEM setup.Our AEM development and support teams work in close collaboration with the client's IT team, to come up with the best strategy to manage their AEM platform.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence — the ability to acquire and apply knowledge — enables you to transform your large amount of data into actionable insights. Nearly every organization needs to employ some form of data-driven decision making to achieve their business goals and exceed their competition.Mirroar not only recommends but helps you accomplish your goals as well.

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